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SUP Conwy - Quick Release Belt

SUP Conwy - Quick Release Belt

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SUP Conwy - Quick Release Belt is ingeniously designed with a cutting-edge quick-release mechanism.

This feature ensures that you can instantly disengage from your board in case of emergencies or capsize scenarios, enabling an easy and swift return to the surface. No more wrestling with tangled lines or cumbersome buckles. With a swift pull, you'll be free, making this the ultimate lifeline when you need it most.
Crafted from durable, lightweight material, the SUP Conwy Quick Release Belt is as robust as it is comfortable. It fits snugly around your waist without impeding your movements, allowing you to paddle, twist, and turn with absolute ease. Its adjustable design ensures it can fit a wide range of body types, making it the ideal gear for every paddleboarder.
Max strap length - 130cm
Pack size – 15cm x 7cm x 5cm
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