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Conwy Kayaks

k4 Trolley Cart - Refurb

k4 Trolley Cart - Refurb

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Upgrade your kayak transportation experience with our Refurbished Conwy Kayaks K4 Kayak Trolley! This quality-inspected, pre-owned trolley is an excellent choice for all kayak enthusiasts, offering superior performance and convenience.

Each K4 Kayak Trolley has undergone a meticulous refurbishment process, ensuring it meets our high standards of quality. Despite being pre-loved, you can count on its functionality and durability to be on par with a brand-new one, but at a fraction of the cost.

Designed for user-friendly operation, the K4 Kayak Trolley features a sturdy, rust-resistant frame that guarantees years of reliable use. It is equipped with large, robust wheels that can handle various terrains—from sandy beaches to gravel paths, easing the load of kayak transportation.

Installation and loading your kayak onto the trolley is effortless. With the included tie-down straps, you can secure your watercraft for a safe and steady transport. This universal trolley is compatible with a broad range of kayaks, enhancing its versatility and appeal to many users.

Choosing our Refurbished Conwy Kayaks K4 Kayak Trolley is not only an economical choice, but it also supports a greener environment. Your decision aids in reducing waste and contributes to sustainability.

Note: As is typical with all refurbished products, slight cosmetic imperfections may be present but do not affect the product's functionality.

What's Included:

  1. Refurbished Conwy Kayaks K4 Kayak Trolley
  2. Tie-down straps
  3. Lynch Pins (x2)
  4. Instruction sheet 
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