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Conwy Kayak - Tegid 1 Man Dropstich Inflatable Kayak

Conwy Kayak - Tegid 1 Man Dropstich Inflatable Kayak

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Conwy Kayak - Tegid 1 Man Dropstich Inflatable Kayak is a perfect alternative to a Solid Hull Kayak

The Tegid is perfect for customers who may not have the facilities to store a Solid Hull Kayak. Although being an inflatable, the Tegid still boasts the same stability, comfort, and speed as the solid hull kayaks. The kayak is easy to transport once inflated, it has handles to the front and back, as well as additional handles on each side of the hull
The Tegid includes an updated version of our deluxe seat which are exclusive to our inflatable range, featuring a convenient small bag at the rear of the seat. A four-piece foldable paddle branded with the Conwy Kayak Logo on both sides. Spray decks above the footwell and rear of the kayak for keeping your gear dry.
The Tegid is perfect for beginners wanting to take up a new hobby. The lightweight material, and durable carry bag ensures the Tegid is a convenient kayak to add to your adventure kit list. In addition, the Tegid can fit perfectly into the smallest of hatchback car boots, ensuring you can easily transport our kayak on any adventure!
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Accessories included

  • Double Action Hand Pump
  • 4 Piece Paddle
  • Detachable fin 
  • Adjustable padded seat with detachable cushion,
  • Carry Rucksack  
  • Foot Rest
  • Repair Kit

Tegid Specifications

  • Dimensions - 3.6m x 0.8m x 0.3m
  • Weight - 17kg
  • Upper Load Capacity - 180kg 
  • Max PSI 12-15
  • Packdown Size  - 1m x 0.6m x 0.5m 


  • Material -1000D Reinforced PVC
  • 10 cm drop stitched technology hull.
  • 5cm PVC reinforcement on the front and rear of the hull with additional reinforcement on the side walls of the kayak hull

Drop Stitch Technology

Drop Stitch technology, as applied to the Tegid Inflatable Kayak from Conwy Kayaks, revolutionises the world of inflatable kayaking. This innovative feature offers unparalleled rigidity and stability.

At its core, the technology involves connecting the top and bottom layers of the kayak with thousands of tiny threads. When inflated, these threads hold firm, creating a surprisingly stiff structure. This results in a performance comparable to that of a hard-shell kayak, but with the added portability of an inflatable.

The Tegid model, armed with Drop Stitch technology, delivers an inflatable kayak that is both durable and lightweight. It offers an easily transportable solution that does not compromise on performance or safety.

The kayak maintains its shape and handles smoothly on the water, greatly enhancing your kayaking experience. This makes the Tegid an excellent choice for those interested in a top-quality, drop-stitched inflatable kayak.

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