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Fixed Roof Rack - J Bar - Refurbishment

Fixed Roof Rack - J Bar - Refurbishment

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Embark on your water-bound adventures with our Refurbished Conwy Kayaks Fixed J Bars! These high-quality, pre-loved J Bars are a top pick among kayak enthusiasts, providing exceptional support for your kayaking journeys.

Each Fixed J Bar has been meticulously refurbished, undergoing a stringent inspection and restoration process to ensure its premium condition. You can trust in their quality and performance as if they were brand new - all at a fraction of the original cost.

Crafted for optimal functionality, these Fixed J Bars feature a robust, rust-resistant steel design for longevity and durability. The adjustable foam padding provides additional protection, safeguarding your kayak from potential scratches and dents.

Installation is simple, with all necessary hardware included for your convenience. These universal mount J Bars fit a broad range of roof racks, offering flexibility and suitability for various kayakers.

Choosing our Refurbished Conwy Kayaks Fixed J Bars is not just a cost-effective decision, but also an environmentally conscious one. By opting for refurbished, you're contributing to waste reduction and promoting a more sustainable world.

Note: As is common with all refurbished products, there may be slight cosmetic imperfections which do not affect the product's functionality. 

Item Includes: 1x pair of fixed J Bars. Attachment Bolts and butterfly nuts, 2x tie-down straps, 2x rope 

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