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SUP Conwy - Towel Robe Adults Large

SUP Conwy - Towel Robe Adults Large

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SUP Conwy

Towel robes

The sizes listed are the dimensions of the towel robe laid flat
Kids: W 70 x L 75 cm
Adults Small: W 85 x L 100 cm
Adults Large: W 100 x L 120 cm
The width measurement doesn't include the sleeves, which are 25cm long

Here at SUP Conwy, we aim to supply you with the best stand up paddleboards and accessories which is why we are excited to introduce our brand new towel changing robe- the Towel Robe by SUP Conwy.

This premium quality robe is a must-have for all lovers of paddle-boarding, wild swimming, kayaking or just spending a day on the beach. The material is a thick and soft towel fabric making it easy to change out of swim wear in bad weather. The hood will keep your head warm, especially when you have wet hair.

Unlike other thin, cheap towel robes which feel scratchy, the towel fabric on SUP Conwy's ponchos is very soft to the touch and feels very luxurious.

The pouch on the front of the dry robe has two openings so you can protect your hands from the cold. The pouch measures 30-40cm wide and 20-25cm high depending on the robe size, so you have somewhere to carry your phone, keys or even a hot water bottle.

Product Features:
  • Soft and thick towel material
  • Oversized fit with half sleeves
  • Thick hood 
  • Front pocket with two openings
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