Storing Your Kayak

Storing your kayak

As much as we’d like to eat, sleep and breath in our kayaks… it simply isn’t possible.

At the water's edge

Always be sure to drain your kayak hull. While a small amount of water in the hull isn’t likely to cause any damage, it almost certainly will stink the next time you head out. Trust us, we've learned the hard way!

When you return home

When you return home from a day's kayaking, you should wash the kayak down with fresh water.

Even if you’ve been paddling in a fresh water environment, this is still good practice and ensures your kayak is always clean and ready to go.

Every so often, it is also worth giving the inside of your kayak a quick rinse with fresh water.

Inspect your accessories for damage and replace as necessary; again, wash them with fresh water.

Allow seats and other fabric accessories to dry naturally before storing them, to prevent deformation and to minimise the possibility of mould.

A light application of WD40 on clips and metal fittings will protect them from corrosion and ensure they are ready to go the next time you choose to hit the water.


Over the winter months

In your kayak's downtime, you need to consider their long term storage needs so here are a few hints and tips to ensure that your kayak always stays in tip top condition.

You should always try and keep your kayak under cover, ideally in a garage or a shed; a simple lean-to or even just under the eaves of a house will offer protection from the elements.

If this isn’t possible, try and ensure that your kayak is stored out of direct sunlight to minimise the risk of excess weathering, UV damage and discolouration to the kayak hull.

Wherever possible, you should try and store your kayak on its side; this reduces stress on the bottom of the kayak hull and prevents deformation over long periods.

If it is not possible to store your kayak on it’s side, consider trying to store it upside down, again this will prevent hull deformation over time which could impact the performance of your kayak.

If you are storing more than one kayak, don’t stack them on top of one another, if at all possible.

This will reduce the chances of damage to either kayak, and again minimises the possibility of hull deformation.


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