SUP Safety


The British Stand Up Paddle Board Association makes the following recommendations for personal SUP Safety

  1. Have a lesson
  2. Wear a wetsuit. In summer, go for 3/2. In winter, go for 5/4 instead.
  3. Wear a buoyancy aid. Ensure you have a good fit.
  4. Check the weather. Ideally you need light, onshore winds under 10 knots.
  5. Avoid offshore winds!
  6. Check tidal flow and river flow is safe to SUP. This should be under 2 knots.
  7. Avoid all areas with fast moving water.
  8. SUP with others. Tell someone where you are going and when you will be back.
  9. Avoid any hazard or fixed object in the water by a minimum of 2 board lengths.
  10. Take your phone in a waterproof bag.
  11. Wear a leash. It should be coiled on flat water or straight in surf. For added safety, buy a quick-release type.
  12. If you get into trouble, stay with your board and use the recognised distress signal of waving your arms up and down together


Seek advice before you go out. Remember: the water is not always safe.

If conditions are poor - don't go out!


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